• Banana Cue: A Convenience Meals


    Filipinos love to eat. Most say that the world consumes 3 square nutritious meals a day, that is breakfast, meal and supper. We, Filipinos, consume 6 square nutritious meals a day. It is broken down into breakfast, mid-morning snack, meal, mid afternoon snack, supper and midnight meal. It really is currently written in the society’s psyche. What am we wanting to aim at? We love food and we like to consume. As long as there will be something up for grabs or within the refrigerator, we might have a tendency to complete it.

    Let me familiarizes you with certainly one of the comfort foods of Filipinos. It’s made from cardava banana. I might be incorrect right here but cardava has been utilized solely as one ingredient for meals shakes in other countries. Unlike here in the Philippines, it is being grilled, boiled, fried, or be part of a soup, as …


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