Banana Cue: A Convenience Meals

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Filipinos love to eat. Most say that the world consumes 3 square nutritious meals a day, that is breakfast, meal and supper. We, Filipinos, consume 6 square nutritious meals a day. It is broken down into breakfast, mid-morning snack, meal, mid afternoon snack, supper and midnight meal. It really is currently written in the society’s psyche. What am we wanting to aim at? We love food and we like to consume. As long as there will be something up for grabs or within the refrigerator, we might have a tendency to complete it.

Let me familiarizes you with certainly one of the comfort foods of Filipinos. It’s made from cardava banana. I might be incorrect right here but cardava has been utilized solely as one ingredient for meals shakes in other countries. Unlike here in the Philippines, it is being grilled, boiled, fried, or be part of a soup, as an ingredient in the famous Filipino halo-halo or also coconut milk. Nevertheless, I shall explore it being fried.

This is the banana cue. The name banana cue comes from the mixture of the terms banana and barbecue. Its deep fried with coats of caramelised sugar and put on a barbecue stick. It also goes by the true name, maruya in the southern parts of the Philippines. You can now view it being peddled by young ones associated with owners or perhaps on the market during the part associated with the road at any afternoon that is philippine. It’s selling prices from 5 pesos (USD0.10) to 8 pesos (USD 0.17) per stick or per purchase. It is always most readily useful eaten piping hot so the banana does not become hard to chew. It is stimulating towards the taste bud and also to the sensory faculties. The aroma is sweet and thus could be the flavor. It is crunchy and at the time that is same due to the sugar and the banana. The snack is hefty and satisfying on the belly. One could enjoy coffee, tea, sodas or the famous “sa-malamig” gulaman and sago drink when consuming this snack. There’s also the famous cut that is special which can be the favorite among the list of locals. It really is special cut as the banana is cut into smaller pieces and it is coated utilizing the sugar that is caramelized. Every bite is bliss that is pure.

Banana cue is going to bring in energy during the afternoon that is sleepy. Search for it near schools, workplaces and streets with a high base traffic. Test it and tell me what you think.



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